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This is a Multi-Fandom blog. I've trained my thumb to scroll & reblog efficiently. I shall obsess over everything. I'm married to Grey's Anatomy. Once Upon a Time is a dream come true. Scandal gives me life. I just love TV in general.


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Adventure Time San Diego Comic Con 2014 Panel

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damienalopez said: But it was so much fun being on anon. :-)

Lol! Then we wouldn’t be friends.

Anonymous said: I am sorry to hear that. Must mean you're doing something correctly. Is someone trying to steal your billionaire ideas?

lol. No it has nothing to my creative ideas. I just had someone in my personal life that won’t leave me alone.

Anonymous said: You have that many stalkers or you are just paranoid? My apologies for the inquiry

Yes I am paranoid, because I have been told that I’ve been stalked through my tumblr from a person that won’t leave me alone. I’m not trying to be rude or anything. I am just cautious about what I say on here. I’d be happy to talk to you about my company if you come of anon.

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Anonymous said: Answer a ? With a ?. When you do a iamashleytoyou search it comes up on google

I answer a ? with a ? because I don’t believe I’ve mentioned anything about my production company on here and with you asking me the question anonymously makes me think you are someone that I don’t want to share that type of information with. As for google, I saw everything about me besides what I want to do with my production company specifically. It seems like you frequent my open twitter and Instagram accounts. If you are who I think you are, then could you please stop trying to get info out of me.

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She belongs in the north, the real north.

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